Located on the hills of Santa Teresa, the bohemian neighbourhood of Rio, Casa Marques is the work of love of a young Franco-Brazilian couple. They have transformed a late colonial house with amazing views of Rio de Janeiro into an original place which is a tribute to Brazilian artists and designers.

The rooms are comfortable and cozy. Each comes with its unique view, original work of art, air conditioning, minibar and a beautiful artisanal Brazilian rug.

At Casa Marques guests will experience a true Carioca life while benefiting from a personalized service in a comfortable environment.

With the help of their hosts, they will enjoy a relaxed atmosphere and feel at home while discovering Rio de Janeiro best places of interest.

Some of the brasilians designers and artists who believes in Casa Marques vision:

Sergio Rodrigues - Taja chair and Taja sofa.

Jader de Almeida - Don and Pen light fixtures, Isa pink chair.

Carlos Motta - Timbo deck chair.

Toz - Toz says creativity is his life. Inspired by modern and urban daily life, his works are like "a giant comic book". Each is unique, though the majority feature spraypaint. He also works with acrylic paint for details and contours, and uses other techniques such as mixing materials.

Bragga - Bragga is a graphic designer. He began painting in Rio de Janeiro in 1998 and his first experience with graffiti came through skateboarding and hip-hop, which has influenced his visual references. He seeks a universal urban language in his works.

Coletivo Muda - This group, set up by designers Bruna Vieira and João Tolentino and architects Diego Uribbe, Duke Capellão and Rodrigo Kalache in 2010, sees the city as a laboratory for change. "MUDA" signifies change. In addition to street art, their spatial interventions actually change the very nature of Rio de Janeiro.

Marcio SWK - A wall covered in an intense and vibrant composition of letters, shapes and colours gives an insight into the relentless pursuit of Márcio "SWK," one of the most significant Brazilian graffiti artists.

Gais - The color fields in Gais work are created through the monochrome surfaces and divided usual plans in concretist painting. Such features refer to the history of modernism and play with time and space to which his art belongs.